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Julio Gomez
Julio Gomez
Roofboys Roofing and Construction recently replaced our roof and gutters. They did an excellent job! I’m very pleased. Saul is very professional and helpful. He was so thorough with explaining every detail and very patient when we had questions. Our new roof and gutters look so sharp and add so much value to our home. I will absolutely refer Saul at every opportunity.
Caroline McCormick
Caroline McCormick
Extremely professional service for a great price. The came and fixed my roof, dealt with the insurance brokers and insurance company for me. It was a simple process and the company did a great job.
Cooper Havon
Cooper Havon
Saul was kind and professional! He made the process easy and made sure the job was done effectively! Very pleased and will definitely be recommending to friends and family.

Find the perfect patio or front entry door to complement your home’s unique style. Roof Boys offers a variety of materials and styles and feature the quality and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Roof Boys.

With stylish designs, glass inserts, and top-notch craftsmanship. Mix and match a variety options to create that custom look for any style or requirement. Whether you want to install a beautiful new entrance door or protect your home with our storm doors, Roof Boys has a solution to fit your needs. We also offer premium window replacement and gutter installation.

Find out more below about how our doors can increase the value, appearance and energy efficiency of your home.


Sliding Patio

A Sliding Patio Door draws in sunlight and saves space.

Sliding patio doors have large glass panes that can flood your room with light and provide unobstructed views to your outdoor space. One operable sliding sash glides easily along the track within the frame instead of swinging out of it, giving you more usable space on your patio and in your home.

A sliding patio door creates a bright and airy space, sliding patio doors bring in large amounts of fresh air and natural light. With both traditional and contemporary styles, they complement any home. These are available in wood, fiberglass or vinyl and 2-, 3- and 4-panel configurations to match the requirements of any project or budget.

Commonly known as: sliding glass door, gliding door, sliding door

Hinged patio

Hinged, or French, patio doors swing from the sides to open a wide, elegant entrance into your home.

Easy-to-open and efficient — these doors are a great option for high-traffic entertaining areas. Hinged, or French doors can be fixed and inactive to deliver functional style in a small space.

A hinged patio door makes a dramatic statement and add great ventilation. Their French door styling goes well with any home style. Made of wood protected by fiberglass, we offer the best-performing hinged patio doors.

Maximizes space with the ability to open into a room or outward to best fit your home's layout for architectural authenticity. Available in standard sizes as single panel, 2-panel and 3-panel configurations. Custom sizes also available.

Commonly known as: swinging patio door, french door


Bifold Patio

Bifold patio doors connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. A Bifold patio door makes your patio feel like an extension of your home.

Their multiple panels open in sections and fold up like an accordion for out-of-sight storage.

Bifold patio doors feature expansive panels of glass that fold like an accordion. These folding glass doors provide the flexibility and convenience to extend your living space and blend your home’s indoor and outdoor environments.

Commonly used in between entertainment areas such as a kitchen and patio area, exterior bifolding doors create grand openings that can span the length of an entire wall. Small bifold doors can also be used as a pass-through window over a countertop — ideal for an outdoor bar. Live large with distinctive bifold patio doors, available in wood.

Commonly known as: folding patio doors, concertina doors, accordion patio doors

Multi-slide Patio

Multi-slide patio doors create grand entrances and gorgeous views.

With up to 10 panels, multi-slide patio doors build glass walls that provide expansive sunlight and panoramic views of the outdoors. Multiple panels open up and tuck into pockets — almost like hiding a wall — to create wide entryways that unite your indoor and outdoor living areas.

Multi-slide patio doors feature three or more expansive panels that slide open easily and intuitively, stacking against each other or tucking away out of sight into a wall pocket. Large panels can travel to one side or part in the middle, creating extraordinarily wide openings that expand your living space. Versatile multi-slide patio doors invite the outdoors in — and the indoors out. Discover these in wood and vinyl.

Commonly known as: pocket patio doors, multi-panel sliding patio doors, panoramic patio doors


Fiberglass Entry Door

Fiberglass offers durability at an affordable price. Fiberglass entry doors are virtually maintenance-free and come in several styles to complement your home.

Get the look of wood with Oak or Mahogany-grain finishes, or choose a more modern look with a smooth fiberglass entry door.

A high-quality fiberglass entry door brings craftsmanship, flexibility and convenience to your doorstep. Exceptionally durable, fiberglass front doors resist warping, dents, rot and withstand extreme weather beautifully.

Maintenance and upkeep are minimal, while performance is reliable year-round. Choose from a realistic wood-grain option or smoothly textured fiberglass entry doors. Add grilles, hardware, glass and more to personalize your look and complement your home’s aesthetic.

Steel Entry

Known for their strength, security and durability, steel entry doors also provide versatile style options.

Steel entry doors give you the rugged durability of steel and the beauty of design features that match and enhance the architecture of any home.

Steel doors have a strong outer shell that is difficult to damage if an intruder were attempting to break through the door itself. The steel skin is impervious to most attempts to break through it. Most steel doors are fire-rated. Steel doors with a 20-gauge skin may be said to have a 20-minute fire rating. For specifics, consult the fire rating sticker. Do not assume that all steel doors are fire-rated. Most building codes require that a fire-rated door is installed between the house and the garage.



A second exterior door used with an entry door for additional protection against weather while providing energy efficiency, light and ventilation.

Storm doors let light and fresh air in and help to keep the elements and insects out.

Storm doors typically have interchangeable or retractable glass and screen panels. And like front doors, they're available in many sizes and materials.

In warm weather, the main door can be open and the storm door will allow ventilation without letting in bugs. Storm doors are typically made with three layers: a front and back layer making up the exterior skin, and an interior layer of insulation.

Commonly known as: screen door


There are many door styles. They vary based on whether you use them for interior or exterior purposes, how many windows they have, how they open and more.  


Aesthetic styles: 

  • Avalon doors
  • Rockport doors
  • Cambridge doors
  • Continental doors
  • Craftsman doors
  • Provincial doors

Operational styles:

  • Barn doors
  • Pocket doors
  • French doors
  • Folding doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Hinged doors

Do not use a door made for interior use as an exterior door. Interior doors are not made to withstand exposure outdoors and are usually hollow. Exterior doors need to provide insulation and security.

In your home, your exterior doors do not need be fire-rated. However, the door to your attached garage does need to be a fire-rated door for opening protection. Fire-rated doors are also required on most commercial buildings to help protect the occupants. They are made of at least partially fire-resistant materials to aid in stopping or slowing down the progress of the fire.

Doors with fewer windows are generally safer, which is why windowed patio doors are only common in the back of homes. That doesn’t keep homeowners from choosing glass doors for front entrances. We recommend having a good security system as reinforcing the door jamb with a strike plate and multipoint locking system.

Patio doors with many windows are generally not your safest option. However, glass doors should always be made of tempered glass. If the glass in the door breaks, this type of glass is less likely to cause harm than your standard annealed glass. Ask your door rep if the door manufacturer you are considering offers additional security features for their doors. Some patio doors, including some sliding patio doors, can be made with reinforced locking systems. 

Fiberglass doors are often cited as the most energy-efficient door option. That is mostly because the material is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. 

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