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Slate roofing has been used in roofing for centuries. But as technology grows and gets better, the roofing industry is developing new materials. Get a quote today and see what we can do for you!

Natural & composite Slate

Julio Gomez
Julio Gomez
Roofboys Roofing and Construction recently replaced our roof and gutters. They did an excellent job! I’m very pleased. Saul is very professional and helpful. He was so thorough with explaining every detail and very patient when we had questions. Our new roof and gutters look so sharp and add so much value to our home. I will absolutely refer Saul at every opportunity.
Caroline McCormick
Caroline McCormick
Extremely professional service for a great price. The came and fixed my roof, dealt with the insurance brokers and insurance company for me. It was a simple process and the company did a great job.
Cooper Havon
Cooper Havon
Saul was kind and professional! He made the process easy and made sure the job was done effectively! Very pleased and will definitely be recommending to friends and family.

Natural Slate

If you are looking for roofing options with great aesthetic value and durability, slate may be the best material for your home. Slate has been around for some time and is known for its beauty which can boost your home’s value. Slate roofing is made from natural stone which is durable and strong. Some slate roofing materials can last up to 150 years.


They are excellent at resisting fire. They don’t require additional coatings like wood shakes or some roofing shingles. The natural stone has an exquisite gray appearance that is celebrated worldwide. They come in a wide variety of choices to choose from. You can find slate in different colors such as purple, red or black.

value and durability

Composite Slate

Slate roofs have been a popular roofing choice for many years, however, their weight and cost prevent them from being a feasible roofing solution for every home. If you’ve been wanting the look of a slate roof but your home can’t support the weight of natural stone or it’s out of your budget – synthetic slate may be a great option for you! 


An artificial roof costs a fraction of what an authentic roof costs you – and is easier to maintain as the roofing surface is less fragile. In fact, artificial slate is very low maintenance as it is non-porous, resistant to algae and insects, and will not curl or crack which are all problems that can require costly repairs in other roofing materials. Synthetic slate is much lighter so much so that the need for roofing supports is nonexistent!


The lightness of synthetic slate also makes it easier for contractors to install as they will require fewer special tools to install your roof. Additionally, each synthetic slate shingle is made from a durable polymer and treated for color fastness and coated with UV resistant protectants which will keep your roof and home looking its best for longer.


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Our partnerships with the leading manufactures in the industry give our customers a wide range of styles, finishes, and affordability, as well as pertinent product information that allows homeowners to make a well-informed decision.


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